Meet pharmaceutical entrepreneur, Nicholas Bova. From a small Sydney based business in Australia, Nick Bova has launched the company onto the international platform for veterinary medicine. Read more on the story by The Webinar Vet: 5 MINUTES WITH NICK BOVA


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JULY 2018

Bova Specials UK Sponsored webinar with Danielle Gunn-Moore, hosted by The Webinar Vet. The post-recording of this webinar is available to view by all veterinarians for free.


JUNE 2018

Vet Fest 2018 spent with our Sales and Marketing Managers, Emma Jones & Melissa Hagarty. Over 250 inquiries across two days, thank you to all of the delegates who eagerly came to see us here this weekend.


APRIL 2018

Vet Surgeon – New Range of Veterinary Specials

Bova UK has launched a range of pharmaceutical specials for the small animal market.


MARCH 2018

Vet Times – Bova UK Expands Into Small Animal Market

Vet Poll – Bova UK Expands Into Small Animal Market



Sarah Shepherd – Bova Sponsors Veterinary SkiPD


Bova UK at BEVA Congress


JUNE 2017

London Vet Show – Bova UK Appoints Two New Sales Managers