Bova Scholars

In August 2019 Bova UK set up Bova Scholars, a free online webinar platform for vets and nurses to gain continued professional development (CPD).  Bova UK is working with key opinion leaders to bring you up-to-date information on a variety of disease areas in a wide range of species.

The following webinars are available for you to view on-demand, there are also some listed that are coming soon. All you need to do is follow the relevant link, enter in your details, and enjoy.

To receive your CPD certificate once you have completed the relevant webinar please email (ensure you state the webinar you have viewed)

Due to advertising restrictions and GDPR, Bova UK cannot advertise its formulations and can only discuss formulations with registered veterinarians. For this reason, customers are encouraged to register their Communication Preferences and connect to Bova UK page on Linked In and Facebook for updates on sponsored events, webinars, and other activities: