Corporate Social Responsibility

Becoming Climate Positive

We aim to be climate positive and have achieved this by removing 10% more carbon from the atmosphere than that we put in. So, to offset our 2020 emissions calculations, we have pledged to plant 244,633 sq meters of trees. Find out more about our project here

Partner with Nature’s SAFE

The Nature’s SAFE mission aligns closely with our goals to help and develop, where possible, a greener, safer; more Eco-friendly planet for us all. We are extremely proud to assist in the ongoing development of this project.

Due to advertising restrictions and GDPR, Bova UK cannot advertise its formulations and can only discuss formulations with registered veterinarians. For this reason, customers are encouraged to register their Communication Preferences and connect to Bova UK page on Linked In and Facebook for updates on sponsored events, webinars, and other activities: