Bova UK Formulations

We are a pet-friendly company, the animal and the owner are at the forefront of our minds when working on new formulations, and refining existing ones.

Various dosage forms are available for veterinary surgeons and their patients.

The Synthetic Flavourings used at Bova UK do not contain animal protein and will increase in choice as the business grows. The flavours available, which are widely popular, include:


Tuna | Beef | Chicken (roast and grilled) | Honeycomb | Banana | Molasses |

Beef/Liver/Bacon | Cheese and Chicken


When considering which flavour to use, we keep the species in mind.  Below are some fun facts about what flavours animals like and why:


Cats only have 473 taste buds and don’t have the sweetness receptor that enables the brain to recognise sweet tastes. They are obligate carnivores (can only eat meat), so meat and fish flavours are good options for cats.


Dogs have around 1700 taste buds, a dog can also taste food through its sense of smell, which is around one million times more powerful than a human. Dogs are omnivores, so, meat, fish, fruits, and vegetables can be on the flavour menu for a dog.


Rabbits have 17,000 taste buds in the mouth and pharynx, their favourite fruits are apple (without seeds), banana, and berries. They can also cope well with bitter-tasting foods, such as dandelions.


Horses have approximately 25,000 taste buds; their taste receptors are in the roof of the mouth and rear portion of the tongue. Generally, horses prefer sweet and salty tastes. Molasses is the flavour of choice for our horse aimed medicines.

Due to advertising restrictions and GDPR, Bova UK cannot advertise its formulations and can only discuss formulations with registered veterinarians. For this reason, customers are encouraged to register their Communication Preferences and connect to Bova UK page on Linked In and Facebook for updates on sponsored events, webinars, and other activities: